5 things I’ve learned about blogging: Sugar and Spice

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Emily of Sugar and Spice and all things nice
I started my blog just over a year ago. I work in politics and therefore don’t have much of an opportunity for creative writing, so the blog was – and is – an outlet for my writing. The blog has also encouraged me to be more imaginative in the way I dress, both for work and play.
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5 things I’ve learned about blogging:

  1. Things can only get better. When I look back at some of my early posts, I cringe. It’s only been a year since I started blogging and already I can see a huge improvement.
  2. Photos make a post more inviting. Don’t just post words, or just photos; a combination is more likely to entice people into reading it.
  3. It won’t always be fun. There are some days when I don’t necessarily feel like blogging and inspiration seems to leave me. But it always comes back.
  4. The number of people reading your blog really shouldn’t matter all that much but for some reason, it often does.
  5. Read read read. Other blogs, magazine articles, whatever – it is all inspiration and learning.

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