I’m grechen, and I blog. I guess you could call me a pro-blogger? I mean, this is my job, I don’t earn money from anything else, only my websites. But pro? and blogger? I’ve only just started referring to myself as a “blogger” in the last year – before that I was an “editor.” Whatever, titles don’t matter, what I do and how I do it does.

I didn’t start out “blogging” I started out running a “magazine,” doing everything in HTML, writing articles and posting lots of outfit/review pictures. Back in 2004 blogs were important, but not nearly as pervasive and flexible as they are now. Since then I’ve evolved my original online shopping magazine (Grechen’s Closet) to a WordPress blog, and created three more related blogs – also on WordPress: grechenscodes.com (tons of coupon codes), Green Grechen (eco-fashion and lifestyle), and free!grechen (contests and giveaways for women who love fashion).

“Blogging” has been my full-time job for nearly three years. I don’t make a ton of money (not in the 6 figures), but I’m very comfortable. I couldn’t ask for a better life than I have now: I work at home, set my own schedule, write about things I LOVE and interact with fabulous fashionable people all the time.

I’ll tell you more about myself as the blog goes along, but my main purpose with grechen blogs is to give my opinions and advice on blogging and making money online. I’m not a “make money online” expert by any means (anyway, do those guys actually make money online by doing anything other than TALKING about making money online??), but I have built my business up over the years so it is my primary source of income so I know something of what I speak.

But mostly I am so happy with what I do now to earn a living that I want EVERYONE to be as successful, so if I can help someone else achieve this by talking about my experiences, my life will be complete :)


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TAS July 8, 2010 at 3:38 pm

Hi Grechen
I’m a newbie blogger (going on 3 months) with a blog and content marketing site. I’ve yet to make a sale on my content site, and google adsense on my blog won’t provide lunch money, lol. You mentioned you’ve worked your sites for several years – how long was it before you actually had a consistent income? I’m realizing that the most successful blogs actually market a product(s) rather than a concept or idea. I’m wondering at what point do I abandon the work I’ve already done. Thx


grechen July 8, 2010 at 3:59 pm

i started Grehen’s Closet in 2004 and in 2006 i was able to make it my full-time job…so 2 years AT LEAST. now, i think it’s even harder to make money from blogs since there are so many, so it may take even longer, though at the same time, there are more other opportunities, so it may not take as long. it’s tricky, and there’s no “formula” – you just have to keep at it, and work very hard towards your goal…


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