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Are DIY, self home-decoration and paper crafting slowly dying?

I want to keep this article short, and mainly address the concern that I have lately. I know it might sound crazy and all, but I think that home DIY is slowly dying and has been for the last decade. Why am I saying that? Well here’s a list of things that made me think this way:

  • The increasing number of shops which sell very personalized gifts and materials for every single occasion and needs killed a lot of amateurs who weren’t into DIY with the soul
  • Products you manufacture are more expensive if you always count the time and effort you put into creating them, so naturally, a lot of people decide that is not worth discovering a new hobby in DIY crafting
  • Hence the first and second point, the DIY experts are slowly fading away and new generations are no longer interested in this field

I know I might sound like one of those old guys who always moan about the future generations, but I really feel that DIY is slowly dying especially the branches that I like the most which are self-home decoration and paper crafting.

Anyways, I hope that with this blog I can spark some interest in this field, especially for younger lads. And thanks for reading my blog by the way.



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