Paper crafting

How to make a fancy and elegant invitation for special occasions

Always wanted to be original and make your own paper invitations? I know I did and I always stumbled upon those little things that made me give up shortly. Frankly, there are a lot of resources these days to help you make the exact sort of invitations for birthdays, weddings or whatever comes to mind.

For example, this video that I found to be very useful for those who want to make fancy invitations for weddings or very special occasions.

The results are exceptional in my opinion.

In this video, they go even further and create an invitation with an elegant lace on top. If you ask me I think the ones with gold and silver foil are better but hey, everyone has their tastes. So there’s to that, two excellent videos on how to make awesome invitations by yourself for special occasions. I wish I found these videos way before I gave up on crafting them for my own wedding 🙂

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