What utensils and machinery to use for your home DIY projects?

I made myself some time to write a more comprehensive article on some home machinery that I consider very important for all home crafters.

1. A paper cutter

Here I am speaking about those standard paper cutters with a handle. I don’t have a branded one, I think it’s a cheap Chinese knock off that I found at a garage sale, but it works well for what it is worth. I use it mainly for the ever changing business cards of my wife. She always wants me to come up with new designs, she says it makes a good impression among her clients. I believe her, but I do it mostly because I love doing this kind of DIY stuff, hehe.

2. A vinyl cutting machine

Here you have plenty of options as shown in this article: http://www.fabathome.org/best-vinyl-cutter/. I personally prefer Silhouette Curio because it’s very sleek and easy to store whenever I am not using it, but I got to tell that the new Cricut really makes me consider them for the first time.

There are other brands as well offering great vinyl cutting machines besides Silhouette and Cricut and to name a few we have Brother which is an excellent all rounder, and Hobby Craft.

Probably among all the machinery that I use for my DIY needs, the vinyl cutter is at the top in terms of importance, that is why I am very active all the time in searching the market for my aged Silhouette Curio. If you do not already own one of these machines I highly suggest that you invest in one right away, it will make your life so much easier.

3. A small heat press

You probably got it already that I only buy small sized machinery. That is because I live in a pretty small house and my wife is a lawyer. And she often times floods the house with paperwork from the law firm.

Anyways, back to the heat press, I use it anytime I need to apply certain stickers and sticky stuff on cloth and other materials. I find it pretty handy most of the times although I would probably make much better use of it if I was working exclusively with textiles.

Here is a paper invitation I made for my wife’s 29th birthday!

4. Quality Scissors

Needless to say, scissors are some of the most important utensils I use. I got mine from a Pakistani dealer that offered me a great deal. It cost me 19 bucks and oh man those scissors are sharp. I even tried reaching for that guy so I can buy more but I never managed to find him again so I had to sharpen the one that I already have. After 3 years it still works like a charm with only 2 sharpenings on board.

5. Quality glue and miscellaneous products

I won’t describe every small thing like needles and colored paper that I have but glue is yet another important piece in my collection. I use an adhesive produced by 3M which is fabulous. I also suggest that you get a quality glue because I regretted when I bought a cheap one.

That’s not the entire list, although these are the things I consider the most important in my collection. If you want to start in the DIY I think you should invest at least in the first three points to make the most out of the experience.

By the way, here is a video that inspired me to create nice canvas decors for my wife. She liked them a lot!